Get Over Your Fear of the Gym

Too nervous to go to the gym? This will help!

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Get Over Your Fear of the Gym

How to get over your fear of the gym can be a very daunting task. Gym intimidation can be one of the most powerful in preventing people from exercising. So many people are worried about being judged.

Therapists say many people find their stride once they visit the gym a few times and realize their fears are overblown. “We’re all worried what everyone else is thinking,”  “But no one is paying attention. They’re focused on themselves.” Here are some tips to make the gym experience less scary.


Go To The Gym During Off Hours

Try going at odd-ball times when nobody else is there. These hours vary from gym to gym, so call a few places and just ask. The attendant will just assume that you are trying to get a better workout and will tell you when the slowest times are.

Off Hours

Sign Up For Group Classes

“There’s safety in numbers, and you quickly realize everyone is different ages and body sizes and is struggling together.” You’ll probably also discover you’re not the worst one there. “It’s encouraging because there’s always someone behind you and someone better than you.”

Group Classes

Don’t Compare

While at the gym, simply stay focused on your own personal improvement and goals. It is really easy to find yourself comparing your body to someone else’s. I would often look at the huge guys at the gym and think that my gains are nothing compared to theirs. I realized that their level is irrelevant to my own personal development, and thinking about it would only slow me down.

Dont Compare

Be Courteous And Enjoy Yourself

If someone asks “how many sets do you have left”, let them know. If it is a lot, offer to let them “work in” with you.

If someone is doing a bench press without a spotter, offer to spot them. Don’t hog machines and always be sure to wear deodorant. Do an online search for “gym etiquette” and familiarize yourself with all the rules. If you know what to expect and how to behave, you should feel a lot more confident going into the gym

Gym Buddys


Always keep in mind that you have to start somewhere. Nobody was born with a perfect body, and nobody was born a master of the gym. Follow these rules to make the transition easy on yourself. Once you get into the gym a few times, you will feel a lot more comfortable going on a regular basis.

Starting is the hardest part, because it is a lot easier to keep it going once you get started.

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