Should I Be Using Creatine

Read on below to see if creatine is right for you!

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Should I Be Using Creatine

Should i be using creatine? Hell yeah! It is one of the most researched products that you can get its one of the safest and one of the most value for money products you could probably get your hands on. It’s easy to get hold of and it is very user friendly so what is creatine and what are the benefits?.

creatine is a naturally occurring organic acid is usually taken in through our diet is taken up from the bloodstream by the body into the muscles where it is utilized for expenditure of energy so it helps with the production of ATP and ADP creatine is normally found in the diet from meats.

Most people tend to take in roughly 1 gram of creatine in a day through the diet if they’re not a vegetarian or vegan so if you’re a meat-eater you could take any roughly around about 1 gram of creatine per day.

Now studies have shown that between 5 and 20 grams of creatine is a rough safe zone of uptake for a supplemented creatine within the diet.

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How It Works?

Supplementing with creatine you optimize the phosphocreatine pool within your body now the body requires creatine within the muscle to help you with energy expenditure it is involved in creating the ATP and ADP which help your muscles contract and work over time now creating works by binding with the phosphate creating phosphocreatine within the muscle this phosphate is then donated to create ATP which then provides energy to the muscles for contraction by supplementing with creatine you increase your body’s pool of phosphocreatine which in turn increases the muscles ability to turn ATP around which allows you to generate more energy which allows
you to go harder for longer and essentially generate more gains.

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Creatine Myths

Some of the myths that you might have heard that creatine creates bloating. Creatine can cause water retention and bloating and Tritton can harm your liver and kidneys now most of those things are not true when dosed properly and taken in safe levels. Creatine mono is really the only creatine that you need to be looking at taking but the bloating thing is a complete myth. Bloating now this can be caused from two things one impure creatine from cheap sources make claiming to be a creatine mono but also having a high level of contaminants within their products which could cause issues then suggestive system so that could have been one cause of people finding they got bloated from creatine mono in the past.


A lot of people seem to have a either a false sense of what to expect from the product and then don’t think it’s working because they’re expecting too much other people are scared to take it because they’re unsure of whether it’s hormonal based whether its natural or whether it has these crazy side effects which are
actually not true so fingers crossed let’s clear everything up you guys the overall answer is yes use creatine five grams a day and you will see a benefit.

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